The Red Room

Home to some of the best Electronic,Latin, Live music in Vancouver.

Red Room Ultra Bar

The Red Room Ultra bar is a spacious venue holding hundreds of party people focussed on the stage. It has the dance floor in the middle, sunken down 2 steps and dancers looking up to the stage. There are local and Big name DJ’s, as well as Local/Touring artists regularly make their appearance.

Best Club For Live Shows

It is located at 398 Richards up the street from Gastown. This venue can accommodate many different types of acts/performances. It has been noted as one the best technical nightclubs in the city for live shows.

Great Quality and the Best Club Nights

Jam packed with some of the finest in Lighting, Sound and effects, Red Room promises to deliver great quality shows and club nights. When it comes to the weekend, Friday and Saturday nights are the place to be as Red Room puts on the hottest Club nights in Vancity.

Watch out for the Listings

Keep a close eye on our listings – We always have a wide variety of music coming through our establishment !

We got the Music for You

Whatever your music taste might be, The Red Room promises it has a night for you!